Boeing 737 CFM56 Thrust Reverser Order Delivery…

Comtran TRs 051Intrepid Aerospace has just completed repairs on an intense and time sensitive order of 7 Boeing 737 CFM56 Thrust Reversers!

Our client approached us with a need to repair a set of thrust reversers for an aircraft modification that was underway. Their situation was further complicated because the plane had to conduct flight checks and be painted along a particular time schedule to ensure a proper delivery date of the aircraft. Respect for schedule and turn around time are integral to “Quality with compromise” and our facility is fully capable of fulfilling these requirements.

The units were delivered to our Fort Myers facility and inspected for delamination. A delamination is a loss of adhesion in the bonded layers of the skin of the sleeve and can take the most time to repair. In this case none of the units had any, so it came down to disassembling and cleaning the various parts, replacing bad hardware and fittings, and reassembling for final inspection.

Videos of the final test can be found on our YouTube channel, This level of service and commitment is put forth in each job that we do. Feel free to receive a quote by clicking on the logo below.

Quality without compromise.

Quality without compromise.

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