Part Repairs and Overhauls

Intrepid Aerospace, Inc. performs Limited Airframe and Limited Accessories repair services, particularly window overhauls. All conducted with timely turn around and tailored finishing services.

With great respect for the financial constraints that have been imposed on many large fleets we pride ourselves on our affordability and would like to demonstrate how working together will benefit your bottom line.


  • WINDOWS: Cockpit & Cabin Windows, Wingtip Lens & Landing Light Lens
  • WING:  L/E Slats, Spoilers, Ailerons, Vanes, Upper & Lower T/E Panels, Body Fairings, Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers, Elevator, Rudder, Wing Tips, Radomes
  • DOORS: Entry & Emergency Doors, Aft Entry Doors, Aft/Side Air Stairs, Landing Gear Doors
  • ENGINE: Pylon, Nose Cowls, Side Cowls, Thrust Reversers, Tail Cones
  • INTERIORS: Cockpit & Cabin seats, Galleys, Partitions, Lavatories, Overhead Bins, Floor  Panels
  • ACCESSORIES: Harnesses (various types), Cockpit Control Panels

Not listed, call us with your component part number.

Please permit us the opportunity to provide a quote for any of the services that we can provide for you.

Quality without compromise.

Quality without compromise.

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