Parts Sourcing

In the MRO realm there are not many repair stations that service windows, largely due to the rate that the windows are found to be BER (Beyond Economic Repair) and the lead time to receive

parts, so the time spent is not always worth spending. Intrepid looks past this obstacle and has created a niche for itself to service windows along with its airframe and component services. There are times that this can be HIGHLY frustrating like in this instance with the CRJ200 Main Windshield

Gasket 22-17-3788-1.

It turns out that there has been a change in  the IPC for the cockpit windows on the CRJ200 and someone failed to properly update repair stations, line maintenance,  procurement, and Bombardier of this action. It is quite disheartening when no one is notified of part number that is required to complete a windshield repair. Thank goodness that I work with a wonderful and hardworking OEM rep who was able to identify the seal I needed because the literature about this window refers to it as an Outboard Retainer Seal and references a part that looks nothing like what was removed from the window. The IPC calls for a blocked rubber gasket, not a formed gasket.

One piece of solace is that this part has been ordered by other companies and was used in at least 3 instances, however not by any carrier or company that would stock the part. So now to receive the only route is through the OEM and they have a 30 day lead time. Which ultimately must be the end result.

Thanks to the understanding of our client and the knowledge that if this must be the outcome they can rest assured that all potential more favorable outcomes have been exhausted. So, if you would like to receive that efforts of our organization click the logo to receive a quotation for your parts.

Quality without compromise.

Quality without compromise.

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