Our Efforts to You

Everyone works and many of us work very diligently, however what goes on behind the scenes is generally only seen by those around us and not by the people we put forth all of the effort to earn the opportunity to do business with. Furthermore, it simply is not possible to express the blood, sweat, and tears into words to wholly describe the what each of us go through to provide the end product for our clients.

In particular, all thanks and appreciation must go out to the team at AAR in Miami, Florida and Hot Springs, Arkansas who came together to raise the success of a window repair that we were completing. Allow me to inform you that it is very difficult to get a hold of the window gasket for a CRJ200 side cockpit window. This gasket is not used often so very few are held in stock and fewer ever have a use for this particular gasket at all. So few use this that the parent company does not keep any in stock nor pricing even for it and the manufacturer would need 30 days to fulfill an order. Leaving the situation to either inform our client that they would have to wait 30 days for their units to be completed or embark on an above and beyond quest outside of what has become customary standard in many businesses of accepting present circumstances and moving on.

Standard protocol for any search begins with calling through relevant contacts who may have the part or determine if they have access to it. Once that is exhausted go to the OEM and find out what exorbitant pricing they have (in this case it was reasonable) and their availability (which was unacceptable). Move on to the vast expanse of the internet where the vast number of potential organizations with this gasket is slightly below overwhelming. The sorting and sifting through all of this took an entire business day forcing what could be rearranged done and addressing the immediate items, but the monotonous pleading, inquiring, and email submitting continued into the evening when only webmasters arise and machine carry on their drone of who is not available and notification of when business hours resume.

Into the second day, the most likely candidates have been contacted and have only been a disappointment, responsibilities begin to mount and soon must be addressed and co-workers acknowledge what is quickly becoming an apparent fact, no one stocks this gasket. To say that accepting that no one had this gasket would be a welcomed relief despite disappointing a customer is almost a true statement, but stubborn doggedness will prevail. Hours into the continued inquiring and parts searches a glimmer hope arose in the AAR Miami location, who took pity on me, where they had the long awaited news of a private stock of these specific seals in Arkansas.

Now, it is not standard to have a company in the same business order a part, but the team there came together as the day wound down. The AAR crew did their behind the scenes efforts of phone calls and person to person coordinating to finally have someone from the OKC office give me a call and provide the necessary go ahead to permit the acquisition of this gasket and I thank everyone over there for helping to ensure the reliable service that we strive for and AAR also does.

This behind the scenes effort is put into all that we do and I invite you to get a quote by clicking on the logo:

Quality without compromise.

Quality without compromise.

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