Business Transparency

We have heard it since we were children and it is does not cease to be true in business. Being honest does not mean that I company shows weakness, but that it trusts who they are working with and trust is what enriches every interaction.

In being honest specifics are not necessarily required, in fact most do not want or need to know. Keeping all interested parties apprised of a situation is what keeps heads cool and allows opportunity to adjust timelines accordingly. I feel the apprehension to be honest is rooted in the initial frustration that occurs when something does not move forward according to plan and that frustration will be shared. Keep in mind though the greater frustration and shortcoming of not respecting someone’s time and that brings up another adage…time is money. We are all in business to make money, some may not work to make a profit, but all business must make money to continue forward.

Furthermore lack of appropriate disclosure has a domino effect that can cause involved parties to disappoint others indirectly. No one wants to lose face in any situation, particularly one that is beyond their control. So, be considerate in your dealings and others can reciprocate in theirs.

We strive to keep our clients informed and up to date in all of our dealings and conduct our repairs in a transparent, honest, and straightforward manner. So, I invite you to inquire about how we can display our business practices to you with a quote, repair or overhaul. Click on the logo below for a quote.

Quality without compromise.

Quality without compromise.

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